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I wish a bitch would


13 March 1990
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i qOt dhis sikk flOw;dhat makes ya' jaw drOp (mad lOw|

About Me ♥ What I like ♥ A glimpse at my life ♥

Essentially Me

Rachel Turning Heads Since 1990
- There's a 99% I don't care what you think
-I can't go a day without laughing or smiling
-I'm pretty much drama free
- I love to read
-Dancing is like breathing to me
-My b/f is [amazinggg] we've been togetha for 2 yrs in July
and are engaged.
-As a matter of fact I do party like a rockstar*
-I'm random 99% of the time;;a crazy bitch;; & I dun care
-School does matter ;; It's gonna get me where I wanna go
-I lack empathy meaning:: I dun giveafuck about your feelings
- Haterz are just motivation

AIM - Ask for it
Myspace - Ask for it


-lyke a qhetto superstar; eat lyke a sushi bar.
never let a hit the koochie raw.
miqht busta on my qucci bra.

Gotta love mah urban books, but i got too many to name.

Gorilla Zoe, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Juvenile, Kelis,
Lil John, Terraira M'ari ,Chingy,Young Joc, Trina,Khia,
Remy Ma, Tila Tequila,Rasheeda, Chris Brown,Dj Khaled, Dj UNK,
Kelly Clarkson, 50 Cent ,Linkin Park, , Ciara,
Eminem, Juvenile, Kelis,Lil John,

----TV Shows---
For the Love of Ray J,One Tree hill,
Law and Order SVU,Family Guy,American Dad,
Futurama,,That 70's show,
Flavor of Love,True Life

Models(Elke the Stallion,Tasena,Deelishis,Absolutely Amber)
Pornstars(Pinky,Cherokee d'ass)



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